Oh, WOW!

Our World of Wonder

The STEM  Program at the Kingston Public Library

Work done  so far.

1. Committed to $1000 matching  fund for the program  and got library  director support
2.  Contacted  Library  Friends  and got  their support.
3.  Met with Bard  College Community Outreach (Sarah deVeer). Will meet with faculty and  staff      
    next week

Proposed Agenda for meeting with BARD faculty and staff.

1. Introductions
2.  Objectives  of the program
      a. Stimulate and modivate middle school  students  to  study and excel in STEM related subjects
3  Ideas for the summer schedule
     a. How often will we meet and for how long'
     b. Will there be renumeration?
4. How will content be defined
5.  Assign responsibilities and schedule